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real wild child

Real Wild Child

Real Wild Child by Narelle Gee
Rage’s long-time producer recounts the humorous, often slapstick events of a Rage taping. She’s a close observer of her subjects and she conveys almost a hundred sketches of what rock stars are like when their guard drops.
TC (Toby Creswell)

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It’s Australian music’s most famous couch, and Real Wild Child ($35, ABC Books) tells the tale of those who have sat on it, guest programming Rage. Beautifully written by Narelle Gee, a Rage producer for 14 years, it’s not essential, but it is a fun read, with loads of anecdotes and Rage facts (the show’s working title was Rage Til You Puke). The first guest programmer was Andrew Denton (January 6, 1990); the first musician to do the job was the Go-Betweens’ Amanda Brown. Have enough Aussie acts been on the couch? By Howzat!’s count, 614 acts have guest programmed Rage between 1990 and 2010; 202 have been Aussie acts (33 per cent). As James Freud says of Triple J, we’re paying for it, so shouldn’t it be promoting Australian music?

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Real Wild Child: An Insider’s Tale From The Rage Couch- Narelle Gee (Harper Collins)

What happens when the world’s biggest musical acts sit down on Australia’s most famous couch? Drunkenness, dark introspection, mania, hilarity incoherent rambling sharp edged commentary and fiery ‘artistic differences and the occasional food fight’ are common ground on Australia’s most famous couch. Author Narelle Gee, has had an impressive 14 year reign over the iconic couch as the rage producer and has seen the likes of musical maniacs Gene Simmons, the contortions of Courtney Love and the golden hot pants clad bottom of Kylie Minogue. This insider tells all about the biggest names in music and complete with juicy backstage anecdotes, Real Wild Child is packed with real wild moments, rock and roll tales and plenty of secrets from the couch.

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