It’s Australian music’s most famous couch, and Real Wild Child ($35, ABC Books) tells the tale of those who have sat on it, guest programming Rage. Beautifully written by Narelle Gee, a Rage producer for 14 years, it’s not essential, but it is a fun read, with loads of anecdotes and Rage facts (the show’s working title was Rage Til You Puke). The first guest programmer was Andrew Denton (January 6, 1990); the first musician to do the job was the Go-Betweens’ Amanda Brown. Have enough Aussie acts been on the couch? By Howzat!’s count, 614 acts have guest programmed Rage between 1990 and 2010; 202 have been Aussie acts (33 per cent). As James Freud says of Triple J, we’re paying for it, so shouldn’t it be promoting Australian music?

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